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Since 2018, Ömer Teknik has been serving as the regional distributor for Emuge-Franken Bursa, Hartner Bursa, and Huarea. With over 20 years of experience, Ömer Teknik was established to provide technical and logistical support related to cutting tools to companies involved in metalworking.


Ömer Teknik is in the machining industry with its expert staff with more than 20 years of experience and adds value to your business with its expertise in technical matters.

Machining is a process in which chips are removed from a designed workpiece according to the technical drawing, adhering to standards, to achieve the desired geometric shape in various sizes and forms. This shaping process should be performed using appropriate tools and machinery.

In machining, there are various methods of material removal achieved by creating relative motion between the tools and the workpiece, utilizing generated stresses to remove chips from the material.

Ömer Teknik, with its expert team in tool selection within its production activities, contributes to your business by reducing costs and saving time. Quality cutting tools enhance the prestige of your business with the principle of delivering high-quality and trouble-free products.

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